VoIP Security & Implementation Considerations

The growing trend today is to have voice and data travel through the same network. The benefits of convergence are so significant that the shift from conventional phone lines to the Internet is inevitable. However, before the explosion of VoIP, landline phones... read more

How To Protect Your Phone Service

Natural disasters, power outages, fires, fiber cuts, and PBX malfunctions are a few circumstances that can take down a PBX system. Any of these events can drastically reduce your ability to serve your customers. Worse – many businesses have no idea how much an hour of... read more

Buying Guide for Cloud Phone System

Buying Guide for Cloud Phone System 10 Questions Every Small to Mid-Sized Business Should Ask Today’s business owners have extensive options for selecting a business phone system, particularly as hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions gain major... read more

What is VOIP?

GENERAL VOIP: As one of the fastest growing industries of the last few years, voice over internet protocol (commonly known as VoIP) is expected to be the one of the most successful industries of the decade, continuing years of strong performance and astronomical... read more

Six Reasons to Switch: The Case for Cloud Phone Systems

At one time, safety features such as anti-lock brakes, air bags and traction control were reserved for those who purchased the most expensive cars on the market. Now entry-level cars are equipped this way, thanks to innovative automakers who understood the changing... read more

I Can See Clearly Now

WHEN FOCUS IS SHARP AT THE TOP, GREAT RESULTS FOLLOW Focus is fundamental to marketing, innovation and sales success. Products that have a highly focused marketing message are 60% more profitable. Reduce the number of items offered and sales will actually increase by... read more

Small Business Phone System – On Premise vs. Cloud

Small business phone systems today are more sophisticated today and the choices can be mind- numbing. And when you compare cloud based (hosted VoIP) services to a traditional service that you’ve probably grown used to, there’s really no comparison. Sure you’ll still... read more

7 Ways Entrepreneurs can Increase Productivity

No one would argue with the fact that small business owners are busy. But being “busy” is not always the same as being productive. Sure, it’s important to chip away at a daily checklist, but more critical to an entrepreneur’s success is the ability to accomplish... read more


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