7 Ways Entrepreneurs can Increase Productivity

No one would argue with the fact that small business owners are busy. But being

“busy” is not always the same as being productive. Sure, it’s important to chip

away at a daily checklist, but more critical to an entrepreneur’s success is the

ability to accomplish goals. Here are 7 Ways Entrepreneurs can Increase


7 Ways Entrepreneurs can Increase Productivity

Hire the Right People: If you hire people who are not ideally suited for their roles,

managers will spend a disproportionate amount of time coaching folks along. If

managers can delegate with confidence, productivity will soar.

Minimize Meetings: Meetings help with collaboration but can also be a big time

drain. With so many other ways to communicate in real time, sitting in meetings

all day should be a productivity red flag. Meetings should have a defined duration

and set outcome.

Answer the Phone: Taking a call when you’re in the middle of focused work can

seem like a major disruption. But if you need to connect with the person calling,

it’s best to do so as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time playing phone tag.

Use Contractors: Using contractors is a great way to accomplish goals. It’s more

cost-efficient than hiring full-time employees and less time-consuming than doing

it yourself. Hire experts and delegate tasks that fall outside your expertise.

Do More During Off Hours: Find time during the weekend or when the office is

quiet to catch up on important work. Interview prospective employees at odd

hours. Catch up on your reading at night. Entrepreneurs need to take make every

hour of the day count.

Save Time for Exercise: Fitting a workout into the work day reduces stress, keeps

you healthy and is great for getting “alone time” to think.

Schedule Time to Focus on the Big Picture: Set aside time each day for activities

that will specifically help you tackle big-picture goals. Spend no more than 50% of

your day in meetings. Then you’ll have more time for self-education and strategic