Phone & Internet Service

Most people dread the thought of having to deal with the phone company, because they expect to:

  • Talk with three or four providers
  • Compare pricing
  • Get confused
  • Become totally frustrated
  • Waste time

Our clients benefit from expert & unbiased advice without a sales pitch. At Telecom Assurance, our focus is you. We listen to you, learn your business and leverage our experience to craft a customized solution. It is our job to find the perfect solution for your needs and budget. This involves assessing your needs, matching those needs with provider capabilities, and negotiating a favorable rate.

Our clients want quotes from multiple carriers. Phone company reps only offer products from their company; as a result the proposal is not objective. We present multiple offers, in your language – free of charge.

Although you may sign a telecommunications contract every few years, we help companies sign contracts every day. We have the experience to guide you through the process of quoting, selecting a provider, provisioning, customer service, and billing issues.

We connect our clients with solutions for: Internet Access, Local and Long Distance, MPLS, VPN, Co-Location, PRI & SIP Service, Analog Lines, eFax, Web & Voice Conferencing and Relocation Management.

One Company, One Call is our response to your demands for a simpler way to do business.

Our customers do business with us because:

  1. They want solutions that work
  2. They are tired of getting the run around from traditional phone companies
  3. They desire personalized customer support
  4. They want to save money

We are a full-service provider. This means we can provide the equipment that connects your company to carrier networks. We sell & support equipment like: Routers, Switches, WiFi, VPN, Firewall, SIP Gateways and more. This is a huge benefit to our clients who may need to purchase or lease equipment that is not carrier provided.

Our enterprise class telephony services are beneficial for organizations who need a high quality connection at an affordable price, backed by a dedicated support and engineering team.

SIP Trunking

Telecom Assurance is leading the way in revolutionizing SIP Trunking, an IP based telephony solution that is widely considered the future of voice services. SIP Trunking customers benefit from flexibility and cost effectiveness, without sacrificing the reliability of traditional telephony. With the ability to work with new IP phone systems, it is successful for high call volumes and works for customers with multiple locations.

Integrated Voice and Data

The quality of IP telephony services is truly outstanding, especially when carried dynamically over a managed circuit. Integrated voice and data customers benefit from higher Internet speeds with dynamic bandwidth allocation. QoS is guaranteed with a managed circuit, prioritizing voice over data for a clear connection. With integrated voice and data, cost savings include low long distance rates and unlimited free local calls. Integrated service can mimic traditional PRI or analog phone lines or can be handed off to a phone system that accepts pure SIP.

Traditional PRI

PRI services from are time-tested for true reliability and scalability. Traditional PRI services work with your PRI-capable phone system to process purely voice traffic. Fax machines, modems, and other analog devices run seamlessly over TDM service.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX moves your phone services out of the equipment closet to Telecom Assurance which is co-located at Fidelity’s secure data center and nationwide IP network. You’ll have access to your phone system right from your desk, giving you complete control over your phone services. Cloud PBX solutions are a fitting option for organizations that are expanding, moving to a new location, or replacing an outdated phone system. Our advanced web portal gives you complete control over your services, with support at your fingertips to help you achieve the setup you need. Hosted solutions hardware is always up, across every location and nationwide, and you’ll enjoy cost savings including low long distance rates and unlimited free local calls.

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