About Us

Mission Statement

Telecom Assurance provides customized voice and data solutions that are smart, reliable and affordable. We help clients make informed decisions about their telecom products and services by providing expert, unbiased advice without a sales pitch. Our clients like working with us because we simplify their life and improve their business.

About You – Our Customers!

We are very customer-oriented and take great pride in our reputation for understanding our customers and their technology needs.

Our customers told us they:

1. Want solutions that work
2. Want a hassle free experience
3. Want personalized customer support
4. Want to save money
5. Need something easy to use
6. Want predictable support costs
7. Want a single point of contact
8. Want mobile workers integrated
9. Want a locally owned provider
10. Want the latest telecom technologies

Why choose Telecom Assurance?

Because we listen to you; learn your business and leverage our experience to provide a solution that addresses your specific requirements and budget. Find out what our clients already know: Working with TA is a more professional, less risky way to design, deploy and manage your voice and data networks.

About Us – The Back Story

Where did Telecom Assurance come from? What is MyHostedPBX?

As many business folks know, your phone experience is only as good as the network you’re on. As a VoIP provider, we know that voice quality and reliability mean the difference from loving your phone company and switching to another provider. Luckily, we’re rather excellent at offering both these things. We also understand that the SMB clients we serve have limited budgets and expertise. That is why we have a Private Cloud PBX and a Public Cloud PBX (more on this later). The idea for Telecom Assurance arose from the need for VoIP technology to provide services that businesses need and the innovation they want – like crystal, clear HD voice quality and a dependable phone service that will reach you wherever you are.

Telecom Assurance is the brain child of many smart minds combined with years of voice and network experience. Telecom Assurance uses a nationwide all-IP network and a nationwide TDM network from multiple carriers. This enables us to provide a premium services like Private Cloud PBX that never hits the public Internet and more affordable Public Cloud PBX over VPN. The Telecom Assurance team is growing quickly. Our super savvy group and product support structure is a perfect complement to our nationwide network. We are picking up steam and will continue to make innovations to make MyHostedPBX the best business phone system around.

What does MyHostedPBX mean to businesses?

Businesses use MyHostedPBX to be faster, easier, smarter and more connected. Yeah we become the phone company, but hey, our customers love us because we’re cooler than that. Feel free to call us an Internet telephony company – we won’t be offended. Our phone system is reliable, Web-based and exclusively for business, which means improved functionality and a fully developed U.S.-based enterprise support structure.

VoIP technology has driven MyHostedPBX to become the telephone provider for business. Our simplified rate plans and reliability means one thing – You’re now free to spend your time and money on your business, not on your telecom closet.
Telecom Assurance offers you the same telecommunications service, reliability and advanced technology that the big guys get—but right-sized for your business.

Telecom Assurance solves your biggest small-business challenges: Zero time. Tiny budgets. Huge plans. You can overcome these hurdles with business phone service and more, from TA. It’s simple to turn up, easy to use, and astonishingly affordable. Compete against the big guys and win.

Let Us Help You.


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