Cloud PBX Features

Big features at a small business price.

Saving money on a business phone service is easy when you’re not being nickel and dimed. Telecom Assurance delivers a Fortune 500 business phone service at a set monthly cost with loads of features.

  • Unlimited local calling with premium features for $19 per user
  • One price for unlimited inbound and outbound calling in Ohio is standard.
  • You can pick unlimited calling in the continental US or pick a pay as you go calling plan. All call plans have big-business features built-in. Pay for as many users as you need at $19 each and everything else is included.
  • Email to voicemail anywhere, anytime
  • Save 200 hours per year by getting voice messages in your inbox with voice-to-email delivery. Voicemails are forwarded to your email account as an attached audio file, with phone number and caller information.
  • Put your auto-attendant to work
  • Are your customers professionally greeted when they call you?
  • Virtual receptionists (a.k.a. auto-attendants) make your company sound professional and help you work more efficiently. You can setup auto-attendants with a customizable menu system, including a dial-by-name option.
  • HD voice quality
  • Experience the difference of HD voice. With a wired broadband connection like Cable or DSL, your calls will sound crystal clear. And, with supported VoIP phones, your on-network conversations can have twice the audio fidelity of a normal phone call.
  • “Follow Me” intelligent call routing
  • Stay one step ahead of your customers and never miss an opportunity.
  • “Find-Me, Follow-Me” ensures that you get your calls wherever your business takes you. You can route calls to your cell phone, a colleague – or both.
  • More included features
  • Conference Calling
  • Set-up conference bridges with temporary numbers, with moderator and participant passcodes.
  • Nationwide all-IP Network
  • Your calls will ride on a nationwide, all-IP network in almost any U.S. location.
  • Web 2.0 Interface
  • An easy-to-use, Web-based interface for managing your 3CX Cloud PBX features that doesn’t require lots of technical know-how.
  • Redundant and Reliable

Telecom Assurance Cloud PBX systems are hosted in redundant data centers adding superior reliability.

All you need are phones.

We will take care of the phone system – all you need are VoIP phones. As a best practice most clients have us provide their VoIP router and PoE Switch. We can provide new Internet service or use your existing connection.

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